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ebody therapy map

As comprehensive health software, ebody links not only medicine, care and administration, but also the area of therapy. With the ebody therapy map solution, all therapeutic service types, from physiotherapy and massage to nutrition, are documented. In addition, there is a separate schedule for therapists and patients.
The goal of rehabilitation is to provide each patient with their individually required rehabilitation programme. The ICF model, the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, is increasingly being used for this purpose. The ebody therapy map can do that too. It manages ICF-related therapy requirements.
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Special solution for rehabilitation centres in Austria:

ebody therapy map integrates patient management from authorisation and reservation via xEDIKUR of the Austrian Social Insurance Institutions, to therapy information for patients and the discharge report.

ebody also sees itself as a therapy interface to any therapy planning systems, such as BAP or ITR, and ensures that the medical service profiles of the social insurance providers are complied with, and that therapy prescriptions are efficiently carried out and transmitted to the therapy planning system in real time.

Organise your patients and
your success.

Medical performance profile 2.0

The requirements of the Pension Insurance Institution in Austria are mapped in ebody therapy hand with the integration of the ICF-compliant Medical Performance Profile and the associated questionnaires.

Electronic therapy plan and therapy confirmation for patients and therapists

Therapists use the therapist view and the therapy calendar in ebody to confirm and document the individual or group therapies carried out.

ICF diagnostics

ebody maps all ICF diagnoses for doctors and therapists. Through the ICF factsheet, all relevant professional groups from medicine and therapy to care can see the therapy goals defined with the patient at a glance.

Therapy requirement and examination of the medical service profile for inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation

Individual therapies as well as therapy packages can be requested in ebody therapy hand. The performance profile check compares the actual therapy minutes with the required minutes of the medical performance profile. In this way, compliance with the requirements of the social insurance institutions is mapped transparently.

xEDIKUR – Digital connection to social insurance institutions

Rehabilitation applications and authorisations as well as admission and discharge notifications are processed digitally through an interface from ebody to xEDIKUR of the social insurance institutions. The transmission of the discharge report as well as the billing also takes place via this connection.
Findings submitted with the application are recorded in the patient file and can thus be retrieved for medicine and care at any time in the system.

Management information can be requested individually at any time.

Graphic therapy documentation

With the help of a body chart, the complete medical history can be illustrated and all therapies documented by the therapy staff in a comprehensible way.

A separate progress report can be written after each unit. All progress reports can also be transferred to the discharge report without further effort.

A therapy app for patients

up! is the digital companion for all aspects of a stay in a health facility. up! enables patients to find all important information about their stay in a health facility in a single app. Data protection compliant, easy to use, clear and can be viewed at any time

Ptienten App

Never be without a plan again!

The new app from the ebody family provides every patient with important information before and after their stay. During the stay in a health facility, up! serves primarily as a digital companion through the individual therapy plan. Patients who have the app on their mobile phone can view their current therapy plan at any time and also track their treatment goals. A diary function is also available.

  • Easy to use

  • Data protection compliant

  • Clear identification by QR code


Who is up! intended for?

up! is aimed at all patients who are going to stay in a health facility as an inpatient: e.g. rehabilitation centre, health resort, clinic and health hotel.
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