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ebody care station

Whether it's care history and planning, wound management or discharge management, with ebody's care software, you’ll leave nothing to chance. At a glance, you can see planned, pending and performed care activities as well as new tasks and findings.

What it can do.

Care history

In the care history, you record the patient's current state of health in a clear form. The care model you have defined provides the structure.

Wound management

With ebody, you can document the progress of wound management with the click of a photo. This provides you with continuous documentation of the healing process, which can be called up at any time.

Ward & task lists

ebody provides an overview of the primary medical and care parameters, care planning and evaluation.

Diagnosis & planning

The diagnoses derived from the medical history can be integrated into the care planning. You can use your standardised care plans or create patient-specific plans. The data recorded in the medical history are automatically transferred to the discharge letter. This saves you duplicate documentation.

Discharge management

ebody care station combines all care, medical and administrative information in one system. This means that you have all the data you need for discharge and aftercare at the click of a button.

Diabetes documentation

ebody has its own digital chart for diabetes, including blood glucose diary, insulin regimens, medication and lab values.

Risk scale

ebody allows you to work with different scalable, but also freely designable risk scales. Checklists let you see what has already been done and what is still to do.


The implementation of your care measures is documented directly in the patient file. The automated transfer of existing information and the creation of automatic reports means you have more time for your patients.

Inflows and outflows

The graphical representation of all inflows and outflows, which are also linked to the patient's oral inflow and outflow balance, facilitates your overview.

As versatile as your work.

Customised. Reliable. Essential. Just like your daily work.


The dashboard for your overview

Who is in the clinic? Who has a fever? Who is in pain? Or what about my patients' oxygen saturation right now?

The ebody dashboard THE_EGG provides an overview of a clinic’s structure. This means you can see at any time how many patients are in the facility, which specialism they are assigned to and which patients are still scheduled for the current day. Everything at a glance – graphically displayed.

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