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ebody medical point

We know your time is precious. So all relevant information on patients is available at a glance. The medical solution for doctors can be individually configured to meet your requirements and shows the parameters necessary for your specialism.

Your patient at a glance:

Digital fever chart

The digital fever chart provides a graphic overview of all medical data and the entire course of treatment. With just one click, you can switch to the medication view, the laboratory overview or the display of images and findings.

Dictation solution incl. speech-to-text

ebody includes a digital dictation system with mobile devices. As a Nuance cooperation partner, dictations can also be transmitted directly as text in real time. Voice control is also integrated into ebody.

The medical dashboard - THE_EGG

Which patients are in the clinic? Who has a fever? Who is in pain? Or what about the oxygen saturation of my patients? Right now? With the medical dashboard THE_EGG, you get an overview, plotted as a chart and in real time.


Based on the database of the Austria Codex, all current medicines are available with ebody medical point. ebody points out available generics, special features and possible interactions with existing medicines.
Of course, ebody seamlessly documents the entire process of prescribing, preparing and administering medication. Humanomed IT Solutions is responsible for the declaration of conformity of the ebody Medication module.

Mobile visit

ebody shows you the relevant information about a patient at a glance. All information is available to you in the Visit module on your mobile device.

Laboratory evaluation

ebody includes an evaluation of all examined laboratory parameters in table and graph format.

OR managemant

With ebody medical point, you can plan and document your operations in the diary, including the necessary operating theatre staff and rooms. Post-operative documentation of vital parameters and medication in the recovery room completes the OR management.

Medical documentation

Whether in the operating theatre, during rounds or in your surgery, ebody also supports you in the creation of medical documents. Existing data and information such as medication can be quickly and automatically transferred to your reports with just a few clicks.

ICD-10 diagnostics

Admission, treatment and discharge diagnoses can be recorded in ebody using ICD-10 codes or as plain text.

New ways for you to get your work done

Versatile. Flexible. Meaningful. Just like your daily work.

Ärzte Ap

Doctors App 2.0

New skills create new opportunities.

Doctors App 2.0 also offers the attending physician – in addition to all previous functions – the recording of images and direct uploading to the patient file. Even the signing of important documents is now mobile, because the signing-to-do list of every doctor lands directly in the app.


The patient in your pocket – always and everywhere

The app gives every medical professional inside and outside the clinic unrestricted access to all patient information. Defined by an integrated authorisation system, mobile and in real time.

This is what the Doctors App shows:

  • Display of current patient stays

  • Patient overview incl. all important data

  • Fever chart incl. all relevant vital signs

  • Display of laboratory values, findings, images, medications and the personal diary

  • Capture and upload of images straight to the patient file

  • Possibility for mobile release

  • Filter options for the patient search

“The focus is not on the problem, but on solving the problem.”

KommR Dipl. KH-Bw. Robert Nikolaus Winkler
Manager of the Vienna Private Clinic

Robert Nikolaus Winkler

The dashboard for your overview

Who is in the clinic? Who has a fever? Who is in pain? Or what about my patients' oxygen saturation right now?

The ebody dashboard THE_EGG provides an overview of a clinic’s structure. This means you can see at any time how many patients are in the facility, which specialism they are assigned to and which patients are still scheduled for the current day. Everything at a glance – graphically displayed.


But THE_EGG can do even more.
This is because the dashboard has been programmed so that every doctor can find the clinic's high-risk patients at a glance – among all the patients currently being treated in the clinic as inpatients. How does that work? Based on the collected patient data stored in ebody, it is possible for the patient whose values are outside the medical norm to be identified and plotted as a chart. It is therefore possible to see at a glance which patient is in the worst state of health – in real time.

National Early Warning Score
THE_EGG shows graphical tabular representations of the medical values for all inpatients. These are subdivided: for example, into laboratory values, vital signs, pulse, systolic blood pressure and body temperature. There are also separate tables for the coagulation value, surgery complications, heart and prostate patients, etc.

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